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How to Reply on twitter

This is one of the most common things on twitter, people respond/reply to each other tweets all the time. Basically it goes like this:

If the original message says:

"Does anyone have any new twitter apps" and the tweet is coming from @GoogleSEOTools, then your reply would be:

"@GoogleSEOTools - I have some new apps for you to check out".

Basically when @GoogleSEOTools logs back into twitter (or any other twitter app) he would be able to look at your tweet under a different section.

How to RT (retweet)

One of the coolest phenomenons in twitter is retweeting, this is when you come across someone else's tweet and you'd like to share it with your Followers.

This is real easy to do, for example if the original tweet reads as follows:

"twitter links don't have much SEO juice, they replace long URLs..." and the user who tweeted it is @GoogleSeoTools then your RT would read as follows:

"RT @GoogleSeoTools: twitter links don't have much SEO juice, they replace long URLs.."

Using this simple etiquette you can share the message with your followers, and at the same time give credit to the original author....